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Ballarat is Victoria's third largest city and one of Australia's largest inland cities, population approx. 80,000. With the discovery of Gold in 1851 it was transformed from a sparsely populated agricultural area to a boom town and mecca for immigrants in search of riches. The enormous amount of gold extracted made Ballarat a very rich city. This is evident in the classic Victorian architecture, streetscapes and gardens which make Ballarat a major tourist centre.

Today Ballarat is an educational, industrial and agricultural centre experiencing a new boom - Melbourne commuters who have discovered the clear central highlands air and great historic housing.

Virtual Ballarat allows visitors to see some of the historic buildings, Botanical Gardens, Begonias, attractions and get immersed in the current views and history of the region. So much to see in Ballarat.

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The Statue House - A spherical panorama - part of WWP project 2004

580K OFull Screen1.8M

The WWP (World Wide Panorama) was a project to create VR Panorama's at many places on the planet on the same day - the Equinox, 20th March 2004 - Print

Newspaper front page courtesy "The Ballarat Courier" 20/3/04

Ballarat Begonia Display 2004 - spherical VRs

800k <> full screen

(low resolution preview loads first) Visit Print Gallery

Panoramic Views of the proposed Toxic Waste facility at Pittong


Masters Rowing, Lake Wendouree

"in with the new", an Exhibition of Chairs designed in the 20th century

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery


The three rooms of the exhibition as Quicktime VR movies (featuring descriptive hotspots)

The Eureka Diggers Memorial at The Old Ballarat Cemetery

(multi-node Movie)

Ballarat Botanical Gardens Floral Display 2002

(multi- node Movie)

Three Views from the Rooftop, Camp Street, Ballarat

(multi- node Movie - 440k)

The New Camp Street Arts Precinct, Ballarat

Quicktime <>Java

Sturt St, Ballarat on a Wet Winters Night

View from the Titanic Bandstand

Quicktime <> Java

Early Sunday Morning, Sturt and Lydiard Streets

Inside the Ballarat Railway Station

Quicktime <> Java

Ballarat East Fire Station and Old Ballarat East Library

Quicktime <> Java

Lake Wendouree

Begonia Display, 2002 Ballarat Begonia Festival

Quicktime <> Java

Long Tan Memorial Service


Additional VR Scenes around Ballarat can be seen by following links on the Picture Gallery pages or clicking on the links below

Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage

Vintage Jazz, Austin A7 National Rally, Easter 2002

Austin 7's and Pedalos at Lake Wendouree

VR Scenes from outside Ballarat

Devils Kitchen, Piggoreet

Nimmons Rail Bridge, Old Skipton Line, near Scarsdale

Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade getting ready for Break Burning -- see QTVR


About the VR Movies

You require may Quicktime to view the Movies. If you don't already have it installed - Get Free Quicktime Viewer - Windows or MacOS, see the bottom of this page for more notes about Quicktime VR. Some movies are also displayed in a Java viewer - click on Java link to see. For quicker download these VR's are displayed at a fraction of their full resolution. VR Movies and scenes are being added progressively so keep coming back for a look.

These images comprise 360 degree Panoramic Views that are created by joining up to 38 photographs together. . When this single panoramic image is wrapped around a cylinder/sphere it can be converted into VR Movies. These VR's allow the watcher to zoom in/out, move around in the scene and link to adjoining scenes/single images or information via hotspots. An immersive view of a scene!

Quicktime VR Panoramic Movie Navigation

Hold your mouse button down to scroll around the panorama. Shift or Control (CTRL) keys allow you to zoom in and out.

The resolution of these movies has been significantly reduced to allow a faster download.

These panoramas take a while to download so be patient.

Mutinode Movies

Full interactivity with the Multinode Movies will not commence till the movie is fully loaded. Hot spots are found by the mouse cursor changing to an arrow when over it or clicking on "show hotspots" on the controller bar. As a clue hot spots are shown as a swirl in the image

If the movies do not load or display correctly, it probably means your browser may need a Free Quicktime Plug in -

For all versions Windows or MacOS

Some of the movies have a low resolution preview track which downloads very quickly, this is followed by the movie in higher resolution segments


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