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These pictures are mostly 360 degree Panoramic Views and are created by joing up to 18 photographs together. The photos are taken with a variety of wide angle lens which allow me to get close to a subject but still give a large vertical field of view.

A unique view of a scene!

Click on the thumbnail image below for a larger view of the picture. These pictures are displayed at about 1/15 of their full resulution. For example:- in the full resolution print of Austin A7 Jazz you can quite clearly read the number plates on the cars. They also have a logo inserted in them to dissuade printing them off the web page- I hope it doesn't detract too much from the viewing experience. Images are being added progressively so keep coming back for a look

Click on QTVR to see the Quictime VR Movie of the scene

Gallery Page 1 - Ballarat Botanical Gardens and surrounds, Begonia Displays, Lake Wendouree, ...

Gallery Page 2 - Central Ballarat, Ballarat Railway Station......

Gallery Page 3 - Melbourne

Gallery Page 4 - Country Victoria

Nimmons Bridge near Scarsdale, Victoria

Vintage Picnic Train crossing the Murray on the Tocumwal Bridge

see QTVR

Tocumwal Bridge from downstream - see QTVR
Glider Field, Tocumwal - see QTVR

Flyboys, Glider Hanger, Sportavia, Tocumwal Airfield - see QTVR

- Click here for Lots more Glider Photos

Devils Kitchen swimming hole - after a very dry summer
Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade - Ready for Break Burning - see QTVR


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