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Click on the thumbnail image below for a larger view of the picture. These larger pictures are displayed at about 1/15 of their full resulution. For example:- in the full resolution print of Austin A7 Jazz you can quite clearly read the number plates on the cars. They also have a logo inserted in them to dissuade printing them off the web page- I hope it doesn't detract too much from the viewing experience. Images are being added progressively so keep coming back for a look.

Click on QTVR to see the Quictime VR Movie of the scene

Gallery Page 1 - Ballarat Botanical Gardens and surrounds, Begonia Displays, Lake Wendouree, ...

Gallery Page 2 - Central Ballarat, Ballarat Railway Station......

Gallery Page 3 - Melbourne NEW PICTURES Nov 2003 - plus new VRs at VR Victoria

Gallery Page 4 - Country Victoria.........

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Dawn, The Australian ex Prisoner of War Memorial.

For more information about the memorial and the fundraising appeal visit:- City of Ballarat website

Begonia Display 2004, The Conservatory,

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Lake Boathouses, Spring 2003

St Pats Boathouse and Point

View Point

Lake Wendouree

Autumn Oak, Prime Ministers Avenue,

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Lake Wendouree from the Fly Fishermans Pier
The Statue House, Ballarat Botanical Gardens
Autumn, Rowing Sheds, Lake Wendouree
Lake Wendouree from near View Point
The Conservatory, Ballarat Botanical Gardens

The Statue House Sphere, Ballarat Botanical Gardens

World Wide Panorama shoot, 20/3/04

Adam Lindsay Gordon Craft Cottage, Ballarat Botanical Gardens - see QTVR

Begonia Display 2002 in the Conservatory, Ballarat Botanical Garden (shot from the south end)

Begonia and Botanical Gardens prints are available for sale at the Conservatory in the Gardens

Begonia Display 2002 in the Conservatory, Ballarat Botanical Gardens

(shot from the centre)

The Statue House and Conservatory, Ballarat Botanical Gardens
Mirror Ball and Delphiniums, Ballarat Botanical Gardens
Austin A7's and Pedalos at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat - see the QTVR Movie
A sample print with the supplied black mount
Lake Wendouree
Lake Wendouree

Austin A7 National Rally in Ballarat Easter 2002 - see the QTVR Movie




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